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8 Lessons My Grandma Taught Me About Retirement

In July 2019, my grandmother turned 84 years old. My entire life (roughly half her life), she’s talked to me–no, drilled into me–messages about saving money to make sure I’m setting myself up well for retirement. In my 20s, I…

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My Dad Wasn’t Super and That’s OK

Today is Wednesday, July 17th, 2019, which would’ve been my father’s 67th birthday. I’m not one of those people who regularly shouts out their parents on their birthdays in public, posting a cute, old photo of my mom or dad…

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How Growing Up in a Big Family Taught Me Leadership and Organizational Skills

I’m a member of a big family. That is, I’m one of my parents’ 7 children, the second oldest to be exact, and the oldest girl. My six siblings have added 12 kids of their own, so along with my…

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Ariana’s Tuition Fundraiser

February 25, 2018 | Hyattsville, MD Last night, we held a tuition fundraiser for my niece, Ariana, at Busboys & Poets in Hyattsville, MD. This talented young lady has made straight As all of her life, but has had continuing…

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Money 101 | The Pilot

Sunday, April 9, 2017 | Bowie, MD This Sunday, my brother Ashté and I hosted a Money 101 class, intended to teach teenagers about money, banking, credit, taxes, budgeting, and investing. All of the things that should be taught in…

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