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Ask Insana, Movie Reviews

Joker: The Feel Bad Movie of the Year

Joker (2019) ⁣?⁣ ⁣⁣Watching Joker is like watching the mentally ill man at the corner of 14th and U who is behaving erratically and you don’t know what he’s going to do next. So you keep watching to see what…

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Ask Insana, Inspiration, Life

8 Lessons My Grandma Taught Me About Retirement

In July 2019, my grandmother turned 84 years old. My entire life (roughly half her life), she’s talked to me–no, drilled into me–messages about saving money to make sure I’m setting myself up well for retirement. In my 20s, I…

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Ask Insana, Movie Reviews

Movie Review: IT Chapter 2

Every scary story you’ve ever read or heard was so scary because of the unknown. Because of the thing that went bump in the night, because of what might be hiding behind a closed door, or because of the noise…

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Ask Insana, Fashion & Beauty, Stories

Black Girls Rock! 2019

Sunday, August 25th, 2019, my good, good girlfriend and fellow photographer Melena invited me to the taping of the BLACK GIRLS ROCK!® Awards show, “created to celebrate the nexus of achievements of exemplary women of color who break boundaries, blaze…

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Movie Reviews

Movie Review: Crawl (2019)

This weekend, The Lion King was released in theaters. Finally and hooray. But in case you care not about Disney films, CRAWL is a great choice to step into a dark, cool, air-conditioned theater during this July’s heat wave. (Temps…

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Movie Reviews

Movie Review: The Lion King (2019)

The Lion King (2019)⁣ I went into the live action Lion King with a few concerns:⁣ ⁣ ? Will the magic of the original animation completely disappear?⁣ ⁣ ?? Will the animals eyes appear “dead” and “soulless”? [See The Polar Express]⁣ ⁣…

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Feeling Lucky, Inspiration, Life, Stories

My Dad Wasn’t Super and That’s OK

Today is Wednesday, July 17th, 2019, which would’ve been my father’s 67th birthday. I’m not one of those people who regularly shouts out their parents on their birthdays in public, posting a cute, old photo of my mom or dad…

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Ask Insana, Feeling Lucky, Inspiration, Life, Stories

How Growing Up in a Big Family Taught Me Leadership and Organizational Skills

I’m a member of a big family. That is, I’m one of my parents’ 7 children, the second oldest to be exact, and the oldest girl. My six siblings have added 12 kids of their own, so along with my…

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Fashion & Beauty, Feeling Lucky

My Winter MVPs

It’s here y’all, the holiday season. This means millions of Americans are in a glorious frenzy of shopping, wrapping, and giving. Wreaths are hung, lights are draped, and Christmas trees stand taller than they have all year. But in a…

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Kings Dominion....Oh Yeah

A couple of weeks ago, my buddies Kim, Lynda and I went to Kings Dominion near Richmond, VA. We hadn’t been in years…and were pretty excited. My Redskins tank...

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[REVIEW] Zero Motorcycle: World's Quietest Ride

Recently, I got the chance to ride an electric sportsbike made by Zero Motorcycles on Zero demo day at Coleman Powersports in Falls Church.  Founded in Santa Cruz, California,...

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