Hi, and welcome to Insana Live! I live in Silver Spring, Maryland, a city just outside of Washington, DC. I created this site in 2008 (yep, that long ago!) to keep my friends and family up to date on my travels, concerts, and life events, etc. But today, this page has blossomed into a space where I can still share, but also serve inspiration to all who visit and hang out for a while.

My favorite word is transparency, and I believe that any knowledge or experience that I keep to myself is, frankly, wasted.  I’m a trained technical writer (from the University of Maryland in College Park. Go Terps!) and my vocation is writing How To guides. I write all kinds of things, like blog posts, movie reviews, and press releases, but my favorite is sharing the information that I got from a subject matter expert from a classroom in the School of Life.

Throughout my travels, I get to talk to financial experts, technology experts, fashion experts, motorcycle experts, business gurus, etc. Sometimes, I’m the expert, so I can speak for myself, but other times, I have to interview the Ones Who Know Best. I’m not a mom, so if I’m writing on parenting, I have to talk to parents. If I’m writing on 401ks or IRAs, I have to talk to a seasoned financial advisor. My goal is to share, share, share so that you don’t have to sit through the same boring lecture that I did. Just like you, I’m here for the Cliff’s Notes. I want to you to have the tastiest bits of information so that you can take it and run with the wind. Do. Prosper. Succeed. Share.

If you ever have a comment or question for me, just ask. Send it to Sometimes I address responses in YouTube videos for all to see. When I said I like to share, I meant it!

Here’s to transparency,

Insana 🙂