Reel Quick: The Best Film to Watch During a Quarantine

…and it’s not Zombieland.

We’re all in the house. For most of us, it sucks. For others, it doesn’t. (until it does)

But to be honest, I’m a silver lining kind of lady, and I think that one of the best things about this quarantine is the boatload of scintillating cinema waiting to reach your eyeballs. There’s SO much to watch and rewatch! Remember the classic Outbreak?

Cuba Gooding, Jr., Kevin Spacey, and Dustin Hoffman in 1995’s Outbreak

I’ve seen so many people online looking for movie recommendations and, frankly, I’ve got lots; but let’s start with the best.

The best film to watch this week during the COVID-19 quarantine is: Train to Busan. Train to Busan is a 2016 modern-day Korean action horror film directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Yes, it has subtitles. But don’t trip, because Train to Busan also has:

  • a deadly virus
  • a train
  • unsuspecting victims in a metropolitan city, including an entire Little League team
  • heart-pumping action
  • at least one sympathetic character
  • suspense
  • old Korean ladies with no time for your shit
  • horror
  • a douchebag that is not a virus
  • multiple heroes, and,
  • my absolute favorite: strategy
Train to Busan movie poster, 2016

Basically, Train to Busan is 2 hours of non-stop, gripping cinema and has great CG. Not only that, I heard there’s a sequel coming out. I originally saw it in theaters, but for you, I found it on Netflix.

Watch if you liked World War Z or The Walking Dead.

As you know, I’m committed to delivering spoiler-free reviews, and this is one that doesn’t need much explanation. Just watch it. Thank me later.

Until next time, be as well as you can, be kind to each other, stay safe, and if you’re able, stay indoors.