February 25, 2018 | Hyattsville, MD

Last night, we held a tuition fundraiser for my niece, Ariana, at Busboys & Poets in Hyattsville, MD.

This talented young lady has made straight As all of her life, but has had continuing trouble finding merit-based scholarships to fund her college career. Luckily, she has a talent that she is thrilled to share with others, and was more than capable of performing for an audience to raise money for her tuition. Plus…

Her mother sang backup.

Her godmother sang backup.

Her Grammy-nominated and Billboard-chart topping dad and uncle backed her with a live band.

Aunts and cousins drove more than 200 miles to see her perform.

Her sister performed a set during the show.

Her aunt performed two sets during the show.

All of her grandparents donated and were in attendance.

People that I’ve known since before Ariana was born donated, showed up, and supported throughout the night. Some of them have never even met Ariana. Some were her friends from the University of Maryland. Our ENTIRE VILLAGE showed up and out for Ariana’s future, and I can’t thank them enough. The event is over, but Ariana’s college career goes on, and people are still giving. The power of love is so strong and it’s incredible. We are so blessed to have her, and she is so blessed to have people like you willing to help her. What an incredible night!

One semester of Ariana’s college tuition is $5000, and we were able to raise more than $3,000 for her tuition. If you still wish to donate, please Paypal to arianastuition@gmail.com.  Thank you to EVERYONE who donated so far, you all are amazing!!