I was cleaning my desk today and came across a list of my “best discoveries of 2016” that surely I meant to post somewhere but never did. Here we are at the end of 2017, and I’m looking at this year-old time capsule in the form of a yellow sticky note. Here’s what it said:

In 2016, I’m grateful for personal discoveries like:

1. Edge control gel

2. Co-washing

3. Fantasy Football’s waiver wire
4. My ever-increasing humility combined with a dont-give-a-shit-ness, steadily climbing
5. Customer management tools (like Salesforce, Hubspot, etc)
6. Marriage is for the brave (and I’m still not doing it)
7. The short-sidedness of most Americans, maybe humans in general.

8. The true cost of funerals
9. A surefire method of identifying needy children and families in my community – Call your local school(s) and just ask. You can even get their contact information to get them clothes/supplies that they need. I was shocked at how many homeless children regularly attend the schools right in my district.
10. ServePro (the water damage, fire damage, and mold restoration company) is a no no. (I don’t remember why I wrote this, but the sentiment must’ve been strong enough to make the cut).

And this year, I still am grateful for all of those discoveries and more. I’m coming up with the 2017 list as I type! What are you grateful for? What are you glad was left behind in 2016? What do you miss from that year?

Until next time, which should be pretty soon,