Celebrating Angel’s 40th Birthday in Montego Bay, Jamaica – starring Angel, her cousin Melena, her sisters Felicia and Arianne, myself, and Shinavia.

We checked into the all-inclusive Royalton Sands Resort and seriously felt like royalty from the moment we arrived. Staff addressed us as “madame” and I could’ve sworn at least one female staff member curtsied to me.








First stop, lunch.



The next day, at the beach. Our rooms were only steps away from the pools, which were only a few more steps from the beach.

Here are our frozen drinks, melting fast. All-inclusive resorts are notoriously stingy on the alcohol, so we constantly asked for extra rum shots to add to our mixes.


I’ve been on a horse before, but never in my bikini. These guys strolled along the beach offering folks a ride.



We thought it would rain at any second, but it never did.



Looks like we’re gonna have a hard time leaving this resort.





Today’s a poolside day, for sure.







Chrissy’s here!