Lisbon, Portugal, September 2015, starring April and I
We were expecting much warmer weather in Lisbon but it barely reached 70 degrees during our three-day stay.
While looking for a good photo op, we spotted this random pagoda.


We took photos until a group of schoolkids on a field trip took over.




Where you can see the Atlantic Ocean from the West Coast. 🙂

This guy was paying homage to a famous Portuguese poet. Which one you ask? Good question.


Because we travel in style. The tuk tuks in Portugal are a great way to get around.


Our tuk tuk driver, Sebastian.

Belem Tower, on the bank of the Tagus River, a military tower used in the defense of Lisbon, finished in 1519 out of limestone.

Sebastian said we must get these tarts, famous in Portugal. So what do we do? We do what the Portuguese do and get a tart. (or at least what tourists do)

Once we got the shop, the line was crazy long. Like Georgetown Cupcake in DC or getting a cronut in NYC.




It was good, but not THAT good.  It had a flaky crust, which I liked, and was filled with something LIKE cream cheese but not as good as (our American) cream cheese.

Dinner near our hotel: tiger prawns. They were enormous.

Light painting. You have to keep your DSLR’s shutter open for about 20 seconds for this, plus write backwards and in mirror form (which is like backwards, twice). My first attempt went awry.



April took the easy way out.


The next day, we took a tour to a historic town on top of a mountain, Sintra. This is where visiting medieval royalty would come to stay and have a good time.


April and I were bored to pieces. Although these places are beautiful, they all look the same after a while and the hordes of tourists packed into tiny rooms can get annoying. It’s easy to feel like cattle. I think we’re good on castles for a while.

Trip to the grocery store. I love seeing all of the items that you’d rarely find in an American grocery store.



Guess what? I didn’t like Lisbon that much. It was fine, just boring. Not exuberant. Old. Maybe there’s more to experience in our next destination: Marrakesh, Morocco.