Every morning I wake up and watch Fox 5 News (DC) with Tony Perkins and Allison Seymour. Between segments, through a half-closed-eye gaze, I often hear commercials for Pillsbury biscuits and other breakfast foods. Monday morning, I woke up early, and on comes one of those Pillsbury commercials but this time, who do I see? My very own friend, Nedra McClyde.

Turns out: she hasn’t even seen it yet! So I perched my camera in front of the TV for an hour this morning and recorded every commercial break until she reappeared. Here it is:

First thing I thought was, “Wow, great eyebrow action, Nedra!” She’s so awesome. You don’t necessarily have to go out and buy Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, but look out for the work of your friends, on and off screen. 🙂