Saturday, September 22, 2012 | Hershey, PA

Christian is far too cool for this park.

Christian and Ariana

The parking lot is so large, they offered free trolleys to the main gate.

Your height (and ride eligibility) was measured in Hershey candy.

Soiyete’s comfy shoes for the day.

Like mother, like daughter.

Leave it to my mom to suggest we go to the Tap Show. But the A/C was a needed break and it turned out to be a pretty good show!

For the record, we were all too chicken to get on this ride.

The Howler. Christian was only so excited to get on this. So was Ariana.

So was I!

$6.75 pizza. Yum?

Ibrahim wouldn’t eat before getting on roller coasters. Smart move, kid.

Of course, Hershey Park serves Hershey chocolate milk.

Skeeball!!!! Yayyyyyy!

Christa and Ibrahim playing skeeball.

Soiyete must have scored a 100-point ball or something.

This is what you can get with four winning skeeball tickets.

This bird was called a spoonbill, because the tip of its beak is shaped exactly like a spoon. It’s often mistaken for a flamingo.

Tortoises, quail, owls, and a roadrunner could be found in this habitat.

That’s a roadrunner on the right. I’m not sure if it can walk, I should look that up. We only saw it running.

This tortoise sat on the back of another and spun it around and around.

I think that was a meerkat behind us.

At least my mom and I are taller than the average (black) bear.

If I’m not mistaken, my arm span is almost as wide as my 6-foot tall cousin, Ibrahim (below).

The Falconer

Can you find my mom down there in the lime green shirt?

Hate on this ride if you want, but the air up there felt DELIGHTFUL.

Christian tried to play it cool…

…but had fun anyway!

Emphasis on “Limited”. Limited flavors (strawberry, sweet cream, and chocolate) and toppings. Which was fine by me!

Until next time, Hershey Park!