At the 2009 American Black Film Festival in Miami, FL, I saw an awesomely wonderful film that brought me joy, hope, laughter and even made me want to dance! At the end of the film festival, I cast my vote for Best Documentary of the film festival–and it won! The film is called Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast?, an honest, funny and musical search for the answer to this question following the tremendous success of the 2008 Jamaican track team in the Beijing Summer Olympics.

I’ve been looking for this film ever since 2009. Guess what? I’ve finally found it, and received it in the mail this week! Straight from…the Netherlands?

It was strangely wrapped in toilet paper, decorated with tiny blue puppies.

The packaging was full of flyers for local West Indian festivals and concerts. In the Netherlands. Cool.

If you’re still wondering how good this documentary must be, despite it’s quizzical title, here is a short trailer, which doesn’t show any of the inspiring interviews of the family members of the 2008 Jamaican track team, nor the native Jamaican recording artists that make the film so fun to watch.

(Not sure why there are Spanish subtitles on this trailer–they’re not in the movie, I promise.)

Movie night for Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast, coming soon!