Yesterday, I participated in an early boxing class. I boxed for an hour, and had a great workout. Then rode my motorcycle home. Showered and headed to DC for a picnic with my family. While preparing the picnic tables, my ankle started to hurt, but I continued to fill the cooler with ice and prepare food. Then my ankle hurt so much that I started to limp, but I still had to get stuff out of the truck for the picnic. Then it hurt so much that I couldn’t walk on it at all, and then it hurt so much that I started to cry. I felt like a baby. I called my brother, Ashte’, a doctor, who was expected at the picnic, to ask for drugs and advice. I prayed to God to make the pain stop. It was agony.

And then he arrived and I got drugs. The crying stopped. The pain was bearable. I still couldn’t walk and he iced my ankle. I wondered, What in the world happened? Nothing hurt during boxing class, so what’s up with this mysterious injury??? This photo is a complete 180 from the way I looked and felt two hours previously:

Apparently, my ankle was sprained and had swollen, and my brother made this sizzling “Sssssssssss” noise when he saw it. Anyway, despite that, the picnic was awesome anyway! We had a great time and I can’t wait until we do it again, without injury.

My brother’s fiance, Jenna, a nurse, made an compression bandage out of my scarf to keep my ankle immobile. Genius.

Once I got home, I used a real ACE bandage to wrap my ankle. The swelling had already gone down! But I still can’t walk on it. I’m exercising RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Hopefully I’ll be able to not only make it to boxing class on Saturday, but ride my bike or even drive this week.

Thanking God that the pain is almost gone and that I’m kin to medical professionals,

Insana 🙂