When I do my hair in the morning, especially when I pull it back into a ponytail or put it up in a bun, I am always stuck with persistent flyaway hairs around my face. It may be hard for you to see them, but I can always see them and it makes me feel like an 8-year old.

What to do? Heidi Klum told me (well, not directly, but in an InStyle magazine article) that I should use clear mascara to smooth down those pesky flyaway hairs. So one day, I tried it and it found out: it works!

All you need is clear mascara–any mascara will do.

So, use your mascara on your hair like a teeny, tiny brush. I mean, that’s really what it is. And glide it down your hair, to smooth it, about an inch wide at a time (as wide as your mascara brush is).

I use my fingers to smooth down each area even more to blend the mascara gel into my hair.


It’s great, because it’s not sticky or gross, or hard like gel would be. And I hate hairspray and even the smell of hairspray. I hate grease too. It’s literally weightless, like it would be on your eyelashes, and when I touch it, I can’t tell that I have used anything at all.
Yay! All smooth! If you get flyaways on the daily like me, you should try it!

Auf Wiedersehen!