Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 – Dupont Circle held it’s 25th Annual High Heel Drag Race on 17th Street, NW, between P and S streets. It’s always an extremely fun event to witness, and although the race starts at 9 pm, spectators flock the streets at around 7 pm and have a blast watching the drag racers parade in their outfits. I met my homegirl Nicole down there and removed my lens cap. This is what you missed:

The AIDSWalk shoe!

This one was scary

Best group of the night: the PanAm Flight Attendants

Paula Deen!

These girls arrived all as Snookie last year. Think they’re still Snookie this year?

Take a guess at how many Black Swan/White Swan pairs there were?

Love the airbrushed abs!

And finally…the race!

Made it to the end of the photos? Congratulations–you get to watch the video!

Who won? Who cares! I think I laughed for a whole 90 minutes!