A couple of Sundays ago, my brother, Ashte’, his fiance’, Jenna, her mom, my friend Ian and I went to Todai, a Japanese seafood buffet in Fair Oaks mall. Although it was only about 5 in the afternoon, the place was packed!

Jenna and mom. Peep Ian and Ashte’ politickin in the background.

There they go, there they go

What a friendly thing to see as soon as you walk in the front door!

We were there for dinner, which was $29.95 per person.

See? Packed!

Todai (like TOE-die) had all kinds of offerings, ready to eat until you couldn’t take anymore.

I wasn’t sure what to put on my plate, but then I soon spotted my favorite, lobster bisque!

And crab meat! Oops, it’s imitation. I actually like imitation crab meat, but not in soup. What else is there?

Ashte’ wasted no time filling his plate.

My first plate in progress. I’m pretty selective, even at a buffet. See that dumpling on the left? That’s crab rangoon. About 5 minutes later, I discovered how YUM-MY it was!

The crawfish kept looking at me.

More crab!

Fruit! You know I can’t resist getting the fruit.

Todai really has something for everyone.

And all types of sushi and sushimi.

Even the dessert looked like rolls. They were sliced so small that you could get a little bit of everything.

My final first plate with the lobster bisque.

Smashing it

The lobster is served just about every hour at designated times, and Jenna was nice enough to bring me one (it’s stuffed). Doesn’t it look like this crawfish and lobster are getting it on?

Jenna and her mom were nice enough to crack multiple crab legs for us, which is great because I’m an amateur and I always mess it up. Yum!

And dessert! We were all stuffed. The mango ice cream and fruit crepe made on the spot = more yummiliciousness.

If you’re super hungry and like seafood, take a trip to Todai. And don’t forget to call me so I can come with you! 🙂