Thursday, I finally got a chance to visit the acclaimed Georgetown Cupcake, the cupcakery made famous by the reality show “DC Cupcakes” on TLC, featuring sisters and business partners Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis. Despite the cupcakery explosion of 2010, people flock to this location, take photos of it as if it’s a historic DC landmark like the monument (the way I did below), and routinely line up in 90+ degree heat to taste the deliciousness (or famousness) that is Georgetown Cupcake.

See the group of people waiting on the right of the photo? They are waiting to enter Georgetown Cupcake. It is currently 91 degrees and 11:30 am. On a Thursday.

Whew! Finally made it inside.

So did all of these people.

They have tons of flavors to choose from, like Milk Chocolate Birthday (which means it has sprinkles on top), Chocolate Ganache, Red Velvet and more. The flavors of the day (Thursday) were Chocolate Banana, Chocolage PB Swirl, Coconut, Key Lime, and Pumpkin Spice.

Pssst, guess what? Georgetown Cupcake has a Facebook page. Big deal, everyone has a Facebook page. But everyday on their Facebook page, Georgetown Cupcake features a secret flavor of the day, not listed on their daily menu. If you request it by name, you get it for free! I overheard a woman in line ask, “Is the Facebook special still going on?” and hightailed it to Facebook on my phone. The secret flavor of the day was: Strawberry Lava Fudge. Would I be too late to order one? Had 100 lucky people already asked for one by 11:30 am? We shall see…

Mmmmm these looks so good!

While I waited for my order of a half-dozen cupcakes ($15, or $2.75 x 5 cupcakes), I visited the bakery window to see the employees creating the little edible fondant hearts, stars, flowers and whatever other toppings that make Georgetown cupcakes so pretty.

Other smarter people called their orders ahead, which waited to be picked up.

And before I knew it, my order was ready! There it is, on the top left, my free Strawberry Lava Fudge cupcake! Shouldered by vanilla and chocolate and milk chocolate birthday. On the bottom row are chocolate ganache, red velvet and strawberry.

Are they good? Well, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a bad cupcake in my life. The consensus is that the frosting is fantastic, but the cake is meh, which, to me, balance out. Maybe that’s just me. I know one thing though. I’ve been to Georgetown Cupcake, so now I can try every other cupcake spot in DC. Poor me, lol.