Today at work, we held a “VSE Employee Fourth of July Cookout”, which means everyone in the company was encouraged to pitch in and bring in food, tents, tables, foil, plates, napkins, the works. Although it was only announced two weeks ago, folks really delivered!

Today, some people even wore red, white and blue, like Sylvia.

And Tanzi.

And brought red, white and blue cupcakes!

Prep took all morning, because the cookout was scheduled to begin at 11 am. The cookout set-up crew began early, collecting food, drinks and coolers that employees brought in, filled with ice.

Amy being silly

The cookout began at 11 am and there was a line by 11:05 am.

We had a Good Humor man there, and a fully stocked cart with Choco Tacos, Strawberry Shortcakes, Ben & Jerry’s, ice cream sandwiches, etc.

Yummmmm, pulled BBQ chicken

Great break from work

Even an old school custom joined us

Me and my co-worker Nikki

Me and my homie Armaad

We had a fantastic time and there was enough food for everyone. By the end, people were suggesting that we do this every year!

The cookout crew: Nikki, me, Diana, Sylvia and Kathleen. Go team!