Today I’m thankful for: Imitation Crab Meat.

Growing up in a Muslim family, my brothers and sisters and I were taught never to eat crabs, lobster, or any other shellfish because they are “scavengers” or “bottom feeders”. So we didn’t. Now that I’m adult and Christian, I can eat crab, shrimp, lobster, or any other shellfish I want. For a long time, I ate the crab meat in pasta salad, one of my favorite cold summertime dishes, always thinking of my upbringing and how tasty it was, eating this forbidden meat. Only I didn’t know it wasn’t crab meat. When I found out it was imitation crab meat, I was floored. But shock soon turned to bewilderment: what was I eating?

I was eating what’d I’d been eating all my life, rather than pork or beef: fish!

Who knew? No wonder I love it! I’m friggin used to it!

By the way, why does imitation crab meat contain shellfish, so say the ingredients above, under Allegen Information? Who cares, it’s tasty!

What are you thankful for?