Today I’m thankful for: Jelly Belly jelly beans. They are no ordinary jelly beans, the kind that taste like sugar gelatin in a sugar coating, with dye and artificial flavoring. They use real fruit juices and natural flavoring in these beans, and the flavors are an EXACT match to whatever it’s flavor claim is, whether it’s pear, lime, lemon, bubble gum, etc. Don’t get me wrong, Jelly Belly beans have their share of gross flavors too, including coffee, peanut butter, margarita, black licorice and butter flavored popcorn, but I commend the makers of Jelly Belly beans for making them taste exactly as they should!

I have to drive all the way to either Springfield Mall in Virginia or Arundel Mills to get a new quarter kilo of Jelly Belly beans every other week. But it’s worth it!

mmm mmm! only 4 calories per bean!

What are you thankful for?