Today I’m thankful that I live so close to Washington, DC. It’s the political epicenter of the greatest nation in the world. It’s a metropolis that counts as one of the country’s “hotspots” in terms of where to move, where to perform, where to find a job, where start a life. Although we experience all four seasons, and I’d prefer we did away with winter altogether, the DC Metropolitan area rarely gets tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes or tropical storms.

We’ve got the Washington Redskins. I love the Redskins!

I’m sure no one celebrated harder than we did for Obama’s inauguration in 2008. Here’s a scene from U Street.

We have our own waterfront.

We’ve got Adam’s Morgan.

We’ve got awesome shopping in Georgetown. Stores that only have two or three locations worldwide have a home in Georgetown.

On any given weekend, there’s an assortment of carnivals, neighborhood celebrations, outdoor parties, etc to choose from in and around the DC area.

We have our own zoo.

I think we have the best fireworks show anywhere in the country on the Fourth of July.

There are ALL KINDS of people here. Making this area extremely tolerant and diverse.

We’ve got a ton of awesome museums, and most of them are still free.

Real estate is still cool here. Music artists want to hold their annual concerts here. The president lives here. People from all over the world save money to fly a plane and book a hotel room just to stay where we already live and work. This is not Tarzana, California, nor Gnaw Bone, Indiana, nor Ding Dong, Texas (true stories). If you say you’re from DC, people don’t ask, “Is that near Richmond?” They already know exactly where it is. I’m thankful for Washington, DC.

What are you thankful for?