Today I’m thankful for: Excitement. And anticipation. Remember when you were young and your parents were going to take you on a trip to Kings Dominion/Wild World/Busch Gardens, and you could almost burst with anticipation? Or your school was going on a field trip to Camp Schmidt, and you could not WAIT to go?

Well, I’m thankful to still feel like that as an adult, because for lots of people, that feeling goes away and nothing gets them excited anymore. I still get excited about upcoming concerts, trips out of town, free lunches at work, birthday cake with real icing and not the whipped stuff, and packages in the mail. Everytime I get a package in the mail, it’s a little like Christmas, as if I don’t know what I ordered, especially if it takes a long time to ship, like my newest Christmas present (in May):

The iPad 2! This thing took 20 days to get to me. TWENTY! But it’s cool, it’s here. And I’m so happy about it being here that I can now take my time to open the box and figure it out later.

What are you thankful for?