Today I’m thankful for: En Vogue. I truly believe they are the best girl group ever. EVER! Tonight I saw them perform at the Bourbon Street Ballroom in Baltimore, MD, with my sister, Soiyete, Amelia and Kikie.

And then we saw our old friend Rabena there! How great is that?!

If you’ve never been to the Bourbon Street Ballroom, it’s kinda like Black Cat. Standing room only and if you get a 6’4 person standing in front of you, you’re short. Literally.

But it was fine, because En Vogue put on a heck of a show! They performed all the oldies but goodies and MORE! I would see them again if they returned! Go Goldstar! Maybe that’s what I’m really thankful for, hmmm…

Check out more photos and video of En Vogue, here. What are you thankful for?