I got a new camera today. The Nikon Coolpix p7000. I hate that the word “coolpix” is in the title of it. It sounds like a plastic camera that you give to your child. Anyway, I read the reviews for this camera online, saw the YouTube videos of it’s features vs the Canon G12 and played with it in the camera store–it’s pretty darn awesome if you are a person with a DSLR who wants to carry a point-and-shoot 24/7, and not necessarily your DSLR, like me. You can control so many of the same features of a DSLR (ISO, bracketing, white balance, exposure value, etc) with the easy-to-reach controls on the top of the camera, which is why it’s great, and honestly, also why it’s pretty big, bulky and heavy as point-and-shoots go.

But it’s great. It really is. When you press the shutter, the camera captures the image and displays it on the LCD almost immediately, just like my DSLR. No lag. No wait. 10MP. Also HD video (something I refuse to have on my DSLR). And it’s supposed to be super in low light too. I can’t wait to post some photos that I took with it. This one, below, obviously isn’t one of them, lol.

Try before you buy, but you’ll love this camera.