Looking for more reasons Aruba is so awesome? Have no fear, your reasons are here.

1. In Aruba, you’ll see things that you’re not likely to see anywhere else, ever again. Like a handicapped iguana.

and bologna chips

and barbecue ham Lays, unless you’ve seen these in America?

By the way, guess what I found near the barbecue ham Lays? My favorite: Chifles!!

I also found Mondongo at the market. Anybody know what that is?

2. In Aruba, you can eat at the Flying Fishbone, a restaurant off the beaten path. Here, you can eat at a table that is literally sitting in the water off the coast. It’s a beautiful place to watch the sunset as the Caribbean Sea washes over your feet.

3. You can visit the Butterfly Farm. Ever been to a butterfly farm? Me neither! But in Aruba, you can go!

There were red-eared sliders inside the butterfly garden! Just like Bert & Ernie! (but way bigger)

The garden was a nice size to walk around for at least an hour taking pictures, at your own pace.

The Butterfly Farm instructor was really enthusiastic and charismatic. He seemed genuinely as interested in teaching us about the butterflies as we were to learn about them.

This is a swallowtail butterfly, can you tell why?

As the caterpillars form cocoons to become butterflies within the farm, the cocoons are collected and kept in a moist cabinet in order to mature in safety.

Can you locate the moth larvae in this photo?

Our butterfly guide showed us some of the different cocoons.

This reminded me of Silence of the Lambs.

How some of the cocoons appear to be solid gold is a mystery!

With one admission to the Butterfly Farm, you could return on any day during your visit after dawn to see butterflies emerging from their cocoons and literally spreading their wings for the first time.

By the way, I also learned that there is no such thing as a baby butterfly. The size they emerge is the size they will be until the day they die.

We learned that butterflies drink nectar, so there were these cool nectar fountains hanging within the garden.

I thought this sign was pretty funny.

The butterflies were beautiful, it was just difficult to capture the view of them all flying around you all the time.

Guess what these two butterflies are doing? That’s right, mating. They stay like this for up to three days! And then the momma butterfly finds a great plant to lay her eggs.

One thing I learned at the farm is where momma butterflies lay their eggs. When you see a plant like this, obviously, caterpillars have been chewing the leaves.

But take a peak underneath the leaves of that same plant–the smart momma butterfly laid her eggs on an instant food source for her babies.

Some of the butterflies were HUGE. When the wingspan is spread on this one, it’s actually a beautiful shade of blue. But when it’s still and drinking nectar, it wants to be camoflauged like the trees, so it’s brown.

And of course, you can take great photos there.

4. And now, for you Bonnarooers, Aruba had the most awesome port-o-potty that I’ve ever used.

First, look how wide it is.

Then, you go inside and see that it has a real flushing toilet. Well, as flushable as it can be.

And a trash can.

Then, there were real hooks to put your purse, jacket, or whatever you have to get out of the way to do your business without fear of dropping it into the abyss.

And THEN, a sink. A real sink, with running water. And a real soap dispenser, and not just a hand sanitizer.

There was a foot pump at the bottom of the sink to pump water into your hands to wash them. I don’t care if they spelled sink incorrectly. I saw it as charming, since the bathroom was so awesome.

Bonnaroo needed about 500 of these.

To top it all off, their port-o-potties had mirrors! See? One million times better than regular port-o-potties.

5. This is for my brother, Ashte’, who attended Xavier University in New Orleans. There’s another one in Aruba! And it’s a school of medicine!

6. You could go to a different beach every single day if you want to. I’m bad at relaxing, and I really relaxed there.

7. I found a woman there who could do my hair. And there’s no humidity, so it stayed awesome and didn’t frizz!

8. And…if you want a beer, you could get one. Wherever. And Aruba has their own beer–Balashi. Sold everywhere.

9. I finally saw where tourist shops find all of those hermit crabs to sell. Except Aruba is awesome and they don’t have cheesy tourists shops like that, the type that sell you hermit crabs. They leave them alone on the beach.

10. Aruba has flamingoes that chill on the beach with you.

Still need more reasons?