My homegirl Nicole challenged me to take a photo of every color of the rainbow while I was in Aruba. Well, I think I did that, and then some.

Check it out, a white cruise ship.

A less white seashell.

Yellow mac and cheese.

Orange mimosas!

More orange curry chicken.

A pink flamingo. Yes, I know pink isn’t in the rainbow (as isn’t white) but I tried to cover all bases.

A red Aruba license plate.

A huge red anchor!

A red mixed drink, sold all over the island, called an Aruba Ariba.

A green turtle (red-eared slider)

A turquoise lizard

The turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Blue fish

This cool blue art was next to the elevator on the 5th floor of my hotel.

The glowing blue (indigo?) hotel pool

Purple fountain water!

A girl in a purple bikini

I found this dark brown man on the beach.

An even darker brown swallowtail butterfly.

A blackbird scavenging on the beach. I know, not in the rainbow, but I liked this blackbird.

I looked high and low for more colors to show, but I think I got the job done.

More photo challenges! I love them! It’s a great excuse to take pictures!