Tuesday, October 26th, my buddy Nicole and I went to the DC Drag Race, otherwise known as the High Heel Race, near Dupont Circle on 17th Street Northwest. Men dressed as women running in high heels? “This should be interesting,” I thought.

We got there early and waited for the race to start around 9 pm. Some people were already there at 6:30 pm.

I found Nicole!

The weather was AWESOME. You didn’t need a coat or a jacket, just a camera and a positive spirit. Luckily, there was plenty of both!

The street was even decorated, just for this event.

As the crowd grew, plenty of race volunteers showed up to keep the spectators in line. Literally–we weren’t allowed to cross the white line (the DC bike lane line).

And, soon enough, the Drag Racers began to appear, and walk the walk. Some were serious drag queens, others were literally regular dudes who showed up in a dress in a heels for the first time, and it was obvious. For some of the more obvious outfits–can you guess who the characters are?

If you watch MTV, you know who these guys are…

These chicks definitely had panache’…

This card costume was SO elaborate. We couldn’t stop looking at it.

Can you guess who this group of guys are supposed to be?

This Dalmation’s face creeped me out.

Oh I’ll just tell you this one: It’s the Facts of Life girls, including Mrs. Garrett! See Tootie in the front?

If only you could hear the music from their hidden speaker, “Thank you for being a friend…”

This guy with the Activia tray looked suspiciously like Jamie Lee Curtis…

Of course, the race wasn’t without it’s messages.

If you can’t tell what this costume is made of, look closely…

Bridal Barbie actually looks CREEPY.

These guys were spectators chatting it up until someone from a brownstone started throwing beaded necklaces down, a la Mardi Gras…

Which, of course, prompts a stunt…

Believe it or not, that’s supposed to be Macauley Culkin with Michael Jackson.


Not one, but two red queens…

The street got really, really packed by race time!


Who is she supposed to be?

Message! [Some louder than others]

People the children as dwarfs.

People were even watching far from the rooftop of a nearby apartment building. See them wayyyyyy up there?

And then the race began! Check out Marge running in that hat/wig!

And after the race was over, the white-line rule no longer applied and we all converged on the street.

What a good time! And I got a few costume ideas too! See you…next time?