Welcome to Rock the Bells, 2010

Just arrived at noon. It’s 90 degrees. This is the line to get in.

I’m in line with Vikram and Adrian.

I’m doing my best to keep cool under my hat AND umbrella. Surely it’s better inside the venue.

Ah yes, food and drink.

Finally, under the pavilion rooftop. Whew!

9:30 Staff worked the event. Oh yeah. Dude on the right knew all of the lyrics to EVERYTHING.

I missed Slick Rick but Nicole told me he was wack and didn’t move during his entire performance. Eww.
So first (for me), was Rakim. And he was awesome with his NY smoothness. Move the crowd!

Then KRS-One. South Bronx, South South Bronx! And he preached a little, but we expected that. He really gets the crowd hype, lots of energy.

There’s Vikram and Adrian in the pit. The rest of us found some untaken seats in the 2nd row and stayed put until the ticketholders claimed them.

I saw my co-worker Felix there! (on the left)

Me and Nicole

While waiting for the next performer (DJ Premier), concertgoers had the opportunity to text our “thoughts” to Merriweather staff, to be displayed on the Jumbotron. Pretty amusing.

This one made me laugh out loud

Still waiting for the next performer, which is Lauren Hill. The stagehands started setting up her live band equipment. In the meantime, Audience Awards.

Shortest Shorts Award

Random Bell Rocker Award

Still waiting for Lauren Hill….
SuperNatural rapping to the audience. He claims to be the world best freestyler. If you hold up something in the audience, anything at all, he will incorporate that thing in his freestyle. And he did exactly that. He was soooooo funny and witty. A truly awesome part of the show.

Two hours passed, and finally, a gold rope chain!

Most unusual tattoo

Oldest Concertgoer and Most Chest Hair Award

Best Hairdo Award

Get A Room Award

Least Clothing Award

Worst Outfit Award

Cool T-Shirt Candidate

Cool T Shirt Candidate

Cool T Shirt Candidate

Uh oh, what is this? After two hours, the stagehands began to dismantle Lauren Hill’s set. What? She isn’t coming?!!! The audience reacted with boos and middle fingers

SuperNatural calmed us down by freestyling and reminding us that Lauren Hill wasn’t the only one performing, plus, she’s sick. Oh yeah. Because then came A Tribe Called Quest!

Then Busta Rhymes came out! And the crowd went wild!
QTips shorts were falling down something crazy. So he finally took them off and ran into the audience.

They were awesome. It was kinda worth the wait. Bonita Applebum, you gotta put me on.

Well looky here, Lauren Hill finally appeared.

Her entire performance was rushed. But she brought Nas with her!! If I ruled the world…

I saw my friends Carla and Declan there!

Then, the Wu-Tang Clan!

Wow, there are so many of them.
The young man you see below is Old Dirty Bastard’s son, Young Dirty Bastard. He acted just like him on stage. Oh baby I like it raw….

Method Man managed some sort of man made pyramid on the hands of concertgoers.
Snoop’s performance began with the Lady of Rage, sounding great.

Then Snoop appeared wearing a crip bandanna mechanic’s suit. Only Snoop. Check out Daz, Kurupt, and the Lady of Rage and Warren G over on the picnic bench to the right, drinking 40s. Awesome. Rollin down the street, smokin endo, sippin on gin and juice…

I’d have to check out the line-up before going next year, and if it’s good, I’d really, really, really prefer going to NYC for it. It’s like NYC got the best show of all, and we got the leftovers [especially regarding Lauren Hill]. And the hour+ wait between sets–not cool. The show would have been 6 hours instead of 12!
Still bell rockin,