On Friday the 13th, my co-worker Donita offered me two tickets to the first Redskins pre-season game against the Buffalo Bills. My response? Heck to the yeah! April met me at work and we headed to Donita’s dad’s house to start our tailgating party, two hours before the start of the game. Oh. Yeah.

If you grew up in Kentland or anywhere in Landover, you might remember the IGA at Dodge Plaza, now known as “Food Rite”. Whatever, it’s still IGA to me. On our way up 202 to FedEx Field, we stopped there for meat and drinks.

Donita, me and April. No worries, no one was shot or stabbed while we were there.

Off to the game we go in the backseat of Donita’s dad’s pickup.

Donita’s little big sister Lydia. I say that because she’s a 6’2 17-year old. Plays for the Riverdale Baptist basketball team. Sweet girl. Watch out for her on a future women’s team!

Chillin at FedEx

Love the Redskins grilling utensils.

The Schlitz Malt Liquor, not so much.

Donita’s dad, Donnie, on the grill.

Other tailgating fans.

It drizzled a little, so the bonnet came out. And I ate almost a whole hotdog. Just call me Miss Team Spirit.
How to Tailgate, 101: Bring plenty of beer, food and chairs.
Open Bar, optional.
Show your team spirit without saying a word.

We loved the ingenuity of this dual jersey.

Out of allllll the people there, we bumped into VSE co-workers on the way inside FedEx. April and Lindsay.

April, Lindsay and Laura.

April and I started in nosebleed seats, in the 400-section. *squinting* Did someone just score a touchdown?

Then we found our way to the 300-level club seats. So much better. In the meantime, the Redskins were crushing the Bills, and making it look easy.
The girls at the game.
Look, matching dimples!
Then, we finally found our way to the 100-level seats, at the 50-yard line.
Donnie and his NY Giants-loving buddy.

The Redskins won, 42-17. What a great start, even if it’s just the pre-season.

Go Skins!!