On Saturday the 14th, me and my sister-from-another-mister, Nicole, went to the movies for a double feature, starting with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

We’ve all seen the previews, but this movie really surprised me with how quick-witted, funny and simple it was. Four Stars. See it.

Then, with perfect timing, we headed for another theater for The Expendables.

I gave it a predictable 2 stars. It’s a fun movie to watch, kinda like A-Team or Rambo, which is exactly what Sylvester Stallone was going for. Don’t think too hard, just watch the fights and explosions.

Then, off to Capitol Hill near the Navy Yard in Southeast DC, to Old Siam, a Thai restaurant that my sister introduced me to on 8th Street. After all of the uber hot days we’ve had lately, the weather on Saturday was perfectly perfect, so we dined outside.

Nicole and I got a fruity mixed drink, a Tropical Something-or-Other. It was tasty and deceptively strong.

I ordered the dish that brings me back to Old Siam time after time: Pineapple Fried Rice. It has eggs, shrimp and chicken in it. Nicole got Pad Thai.

Afterwards, Nicole ordered mango sticky rice for dessert. It was good but I was stuffed!

Dinner and TWO movies! Success! Looking forward to more relaxing weekends like this,