Sunday, August 8th, my homegirl/co-worker April and I went to the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. I’d never been before, and was really looking forward to what we might find.

It was hard to find parking near 7th and C Street SE, but we eventually parked and walked a few blocks to the tents.

Despite the heat, there were LOTS of people out. (That’s April on the right in the green top)

There were many local jewelry makers, with items ranging in price from $5 to $200.

The market was full of items that you would use to decorate yourself or your house. Handmade wooden tables, antique mirrors, furniture (and not the crappy sort), etc.

Even decorated ladles. Never saw that before, for sure.

Psychic Reading, anyone?

It was so hot, I saw this cool hat and had to get it. I love it. By the way, surprisingly, most vendors accepted credit cards.

More pretty gems and jewelry.

Some very cool pieces indeed.

Even local authors were there selling their novels.

Original photographs for sale.

Patriotic art.

A giraffe made out of an Arizona can, can you tell?

Wow, I think this is a door made into a dining room table.

And you could even buy a fresh painting. On a t-shirt.

I want to go back! When it’s not so hot of course.

Here’s a bonus pic of this sign at a house on the way to the market. Does it mean, “Don’t Let Your Dog Crap Here?”

Let me know if you wanna go too,