Umer, Pinky, Ariana, Shae, Maurice, Ayana, Saraia and I drove to Ocean City on Friday, June 25th for two days of fun in the sun.

We stayed at his buddy Julian’s townhouse about 10 minutes from the beach, in Selbyville, Delaware.

Julian’s son, Deshawn, let the girls ride his mini motorcycle
We played a game of volleyball at night, it was so great, despite the dark photo
Off to the beach Saturday morning

Then to the boardwalk for funnel cake

Then I got a henna tattoo

and had to wait for it to dry

That night, the kids were amazed to see Julian’s pet snake eat a mouse for dinner

The kids all got hermit crabs at the boardwalk and proceeded to try to name them, clean them and “play with them”, aka: kill them.

Sunday morning, off to Denny’s and then Route 50 West towards home!

Those kids will wear you out, but I still want some of my own,