I rarely post without accompanying photos, and although the purpose of this post is to share just a fraction of the things I heard at Bonnaroo, I have no plans to start now.

While walking to and from Centeroo and standing in any number of concert peformances, I overheard people saying:

“Holy shit! Hi, my name is Becca.”

“It would be awesome if they made a pill like that.”

Random crowd call and response in a British voice: “Buttscratchers?! Get your buttscratchers here!”

“I don’t care about roaches, I’ll just pick them up with my hands.”

“I mean, I just haven’t gotten used to it yet. Like this morning, when I realized how high I was, it kinda freaked me out for a minute.”

During the Stevie Wonder concert, “He is magic.”

“That’s the weirdest horse asshole I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, he’s gonna be so sad on Monday when all the drugs leave his system.”

Although short, never underestimate the possibilities for laughter that exists all around you,