OMG, I just got back from Bonnaroo 2010 in Manchester, Tennessee. I can hardly believe I went. There are so many things I want to say about the trip, but I don’t want you to sit here reading all day long. So I’ll just tell you about the things that made me say OMG during our four-day music-filled stay:

OMG, we packed so much stuff, the back of the truck is leaning.

OMG, I can’t believe we’re almost there!

OMG is this what they drink in Tennessee?

OMG why is our campsite so awesome?

OMG what would we have done without the Honda?

OMG why is the list of what you can’t bring into Centeroo so long? And why do we see people inside with that stuff anyway?

OMG why does a 6-pack of beer cost $20??

OMG why is it so hot that it’s perfectly fine to roam the farm topless?

OMG are there mud pits every 10 feet? Watch out for the horse poo!

OMG at the brave people who brought their little babies to Bonnaroo.

OMG is it 96 degrees or 99 degrees?

OMG why is the water in this fountain brown already? It’s only the first day!

OMG this is the biggest mailbox I’ve ever seen.

OMG watching the Silent Disco was freaky. Like a party at Gallaudet.

OMG how gross is it for all of these guys to pee on the backsides of port o potties while people are inside? I guess I can’t blame them.

OMG who ever heard of a waffle ice cream sandwich? And who puts syrup on it?

OMG all of these people are in line for food at 3 am? And the vendors are still open? Bonnaroo is awesome!

OMG why is it so hot? Is this what hell feels like?

OMG is fried gator a regular delicacy here? I guess it is.

OMG they must really be tired.

OMG, what a perfect shirt. They shouldn’t sell Bonnaroo 2010 shirts, they should just sell these.

OMG why is that guy staring at me in a crowd full of people? Oh, that’s just his monkey mask.

OMG the diaper dude crew breezed through so fast during the Flaming Lips concert. And how ironic is it that the dude on the right looks like he needed a diaper too?

OMG the names of the stages were so funny. This, That, Which, What, etc.

OMG why was the Flaming Lips show so friggin good?! I don’t even listen to their music!

OMG I can’t believe I’m 700 miles from home watching Stevie Wonder. And OMG, he sounds SO GOOD.
OMG why is Jay Z’s show so good? And where did all of these Brooklyn “hippies” come from?

This is just the first part. I am still OMG’ing and I’ve been home for over a day,