On Wednesday, my awesome co-workers at VSE took me out to dinner for my last week in the IT Services Department. I chose Restaurant 219 in Old Town again.

There’s Kelvin, and Tom in the back.

We headed straight downstairs to some hidden happy hour room, where there were business cards stapled everywhere, on the walls, ceilings and columns.

me and April

Me and Amaretto Sour

Nikki and Andre, making love to the camera

Kelvin and what’s left of his expensive Hennessy

Nikki (in mid-blink, I believe), April and Tom. Why was Tom laughing so hard?

Time to order (my bad, Andre!). Oh the dinner conversation that ensued. You had to be there.

I think this was steak

Nikki’s Quail (she was NOT thrilled)

April’s Mahi Mahi with lobster

My roasted chicken and apples and shrimp (at least the shrimp were good)

I’m so lucky to work with people like these. It was like my birthday all week, and luckily, it turns out it’s not quite the end of my time at VSE just yet. I found a new contract on the first floor, as a proposal writer. So it turned into a celebration dinner!

Thank you guys, we should do this more often!