We have a monthly contest at my office where employees or the family members of employees can submit (an unlimited amount of) photos every month to contend as the winner of the contest, and win $150, have their photo mounted and framed and posted in the hallways of our lovely building. At the end of the year, the overall winner of the whole year wins $5,000!

So, after entering my first set of photos for the month, the judges regretted to inform me that they took a vote and announced that although I would have won for the month of April, I am ineligible because I’m a contractor. That’s right. My coworker’s mother could win the contest, but I am ineligible.

However, my very own department, ITSD (Information Technology Services Department) had a short meeting to announce this, and instead, they decided to recognize me as the Almost Winner and they printed, mounted and framed my photo and presented it to me in front of everyone, and they will mount it in the entranceway of our department. People clapped and everything. How sweet is that?

Here is the “almost winning” photo I submitted of the Tidal Basin.


How happy am I?!!