Last week, I posted about a Robin Red Breast who laid her eggs in a nest by my front door.

When I got home from church on Sunday morning, Mother Robin was sitting on her nest, and this time, she didn’t immediately fly away when she heard me coming.

When I drew close with my camera, she did fly away–but only to the other side of the bush. There was a reason she was saying so close.

Her chicks hatched!

They were writhing around in their nest and you could see their tiny hearts and veins through their transparent skin. Their eyes wouldn’t even open yet.

Mother Robin was still close by. She was watching me, literally, like a hawk.

Unfortunately, when I got home that very same night, the nest was overturned and the mother and chicks were gone. I looked to see if they’d fallen to the ground but I didn’t find anything at all. I hoped they just moved and that they’re alright. I’d rather just believe that than anything else.

p.s. One of my co-workers takes the egg-laying at my door as a sign that I will have four children. Hmmmm.