Saturday, I headed to Northwest DC for Embassy Day, a day when most of the international embassies in DC, intended to showcase the food, dress, dance and culture of that particular embassy’s country, are open to the general public.

By noon, it was HOT.

While looking for my friends, Nicole and Sue, I stumbled upon the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.

Plenty of people were there, with food and drink samples, and tourist brochures to visit the Dominican Republic.

Inside the house, the most interesting thing was this stained glass window. Other than this, I couldn’t figure out what the purpose was inside the embassy, so I walked back outside again.

On the porch of the embassy, there were sculptures and dolls made by Dominican artists.


I finally found Sue and Nicole. Did I mention it was hot?

Sue and Nicole had been to three embassies already, with long lines and not much to do inside each embassy. They were ready to call it quits, so we headed down Connecticut Avenue.

Off to the Mad Hatter, where Sue previously went the week before.

The Mad Hatter is a cute spot–totally devoted to Alice in Wonderland. We couldn’t figure out why this poster was all backwards.

Sue continued to love those Bloody Maries!

Time to eat! Nicole’s caramelized pear salad (and extra non-bacon pork included, lol)

My mac and cheese. It looks better than it tasted. My macaroni shells were swimming in cheese sauce.

Sue’s fries and mediocre chicken sandwich. It, too, looks better than it tasted.

Nicole had this ominous warning of a dollar bill in her purse. Protect Yourself!

After the Mad Hatter, we went immediately next door to Hello Cupcake! An awesome cupcakery.

I got the cookies and cream cupcake for $3. Best money I spent all week! It was so friggin good that it’s four days later and I’m still talking about it.

Sue and Nicole got the margarita cupcake (I have no idea what that would taste like) but Nicole was obviously thrilled!

Hello Cupcake! was the best part of the day! Visit and eat! And skip Embassy Day,