Friday night, we all went to The Melting Pot in Gaithersburg, MD to celebrate Makeda’s birthday.

Makeda celebrated immediately with a Mojito, yum

Her daughters were there too, hey girl! (she’s a nut)

And Mike too

And me, looking like everyone else who hadn’t been there before: very puzzled by the menu and how this fondue set-up works.

Sue and Deanna are Melting Pot veterans, so they were ready to rock. Nicole must have been ready too, her puzzled look has vanished.

After we ordered, the waiter showed us how it’s done, by adding ingredients to the boiling concoction in the different fondue pots on the table.

Then our food was brought out…raw. Ohhhh, now we get it. We cook our own food using the skewers/forks.

That’s right, stab some meat (or vegetables) and stick them in the boiling fondue pot, let it cook for 90 seconds and wa-lah! Yummy seafood (or beef, or whatever you had).

Complete with sauces

We even had the cheddar cheese fondue appetizer, where the cheese boiled and we dipped raw veggies and apple slices and bread into it. YUM!

Going to The Melting Pot is ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE. I have to say, we were full by the time we left!

Happy birthday to Makeda (and Dutch too!),
Insana 🙂