Every day for the past week, when I arrive home and pull out my keys to open the front door, a bird would scare the hell out of me by flying out of the bush next to the door. What’s so special about that bush that the bird wants to hang out in there so much, all of the sudden?

This is where the bird would fly from.
What’s that in there?
Oh my, is that a…a nest?
While I inspected the bush by the front door, the robin that flew away was always close by.
The more still I was, she moved closer and closer…

So before he flew into my face and scared me again, I took a closer look.

That’s right, four tiny blue robin’s eggs in the bushes by my front door. Not sure why she chose that spot, but it’s fine with me. I want to take a picture of the robin sitting on her eggs (she returned everytime she thought no one was around but as soon as she detects movement, she flies away. Darnit!) I hope I can time it right when they hatch!

Happy that new life is nesting in my very own bushes,