This June at Bonnaroo, there will be tens of thousands of people there. Even though we’ll all be in Tennessee, the vast majority will NOT be native Tennesseeans. So, do people have to ask you where you’re from, or will you proudly display it?

I went to four stands on 17th Street in DC today to get the best price of t-shirts that scream “I’m from the DC Metro area” (or at least I was once a tourist there, lol). This stand had these lady tees for $8 (the other stands sold for $9 or $10).

I liked those shirts, but ended up settling on this one.

I even got a tote bag, in case it’s so hot, I don’t want to wear a black T-shirt all the live long day.

Again, I can’t wait!! How are you prepping to rep?
p.s. I realize, as you may also, that I am from Maryland. Born and raised in Prince George’s County. But who, outside of the DC Metro area, will recognize “Upper Marlboro, Maryland?”