Friday night, my friends and I attended a Flavor Tripping party at the EFN Lounge in DC. In short, flavor tripping is a method of allowing your taste buds to transform, so foods taste different than what your brain recognizes.

After sucking on an exotic berry (and spitting out the seed afterwards), you are invited to taste different foods offered at the lounge and proceed to flavor trip, as it were. So as we entered, there were plenty of foods, mostly sweet and sour, to choose from.

Nicole was there when Mike and I arrived, Adrian too.
Plenty of fruit; lemons, limes, strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, grapes, even kiwi.

Not just fruit either, sour candies galore. Lemonheads, sour Skittles, sour fruity gummies, and more.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. Granted, if you tried the berry and it was ineffective, eating huge strawberries and sour Skittles is still a good time, in my book. But the real danger zone was in the back of the lounge.

There were tiny shot cups prepared of tabasco sauce, white vinegar and soy sauce. That’s right. To drink. Voluntarily.
Enough of the food watching, time for the berry. Adrian read the instructions, which tell us to suck on the berry for 2-3 minutes and when the fruit and skin fall off of the seed, spit the seed out.

Here we go.
We all simultaneously suck…
Down to the seed…

Time to taste and see…
So, what do you think guys?

Suddenly, lemons weren’t sour anymore, they were sweet. REALLY sweet. You could feel that you are eating something acidic because it touches your lips, but on your tongue, it tasted like a sugar coated lemon.

Even the strawberries, as sweet as they are already, tasted like sugar-coated strawberries. Also, I hate grapefruit, but Mike assured me it tasted sweet, and it DID. I never would have tried it otherwise.
But let’s test the hard stuff. Tabasco sauce. How bad could it be?
Oh my God. Really bad. Really really bad. If that wasn’t enough, I tried the vinegar too. Burned my throat like crazy.

Looks like Debbie didn’t like hers either (Shelley swallowed her seed too early by accident).

The berry’s effectiveness wore off after only 15 minutes or so. You can purchase a tablet, for $3, to lengthen the effectiveness. So I did.

And it worked! Makes me think that we should have just taken the tablet to begin with. But after a while, the overly sweet sensations were too much for me and I quit eating altogether. Who can eat sugar-coated strawberries for 30 minutes straight?

I’ll chalk this experience up to a good time with friends, which is priceless.