On Easter Sunday, or as my church more appropriately calls it, Resurrection Sunday, my sister Qualamiya, and her husband hosted dinner at their new place in Beltsville, off of Route 1. They just moved in three days before, but that didn’t stop them!

Shortly after arrival, the Easter Egg Hunt promptly ensued.

This totally ruined my sister’s flower garden.

Ayana won the hunt, and wasn’t shy about her victory.
Both grandmas were on the couch inside, schooling their grandchild on…something. It looks like my mom is singing to her or something.
Let’s decorate Easter Eggs! No, we don’t need bibs, or even paper towels. We’re invincible to dye!
Then the kids modeled their newly decorated eggs.

Check out Jamahri. And his fingers.

I tried, for the very first time, icing tips and piping bags, to put icing on the cupcakes. It worked great, I can see why people use them constantly.

Time to eat!

I didn’t even take pictures but the food was so, so, so, so, so good. I mean really. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes and baked macaroni and cheese and honey glazed salmon and broccoli and cabbage and carrots and OMG there was so much more!

Hoping your Resurrection Sunday/Easter was as fun and food-filled as mine,
P.S. Bonus Pic
Saturday, I went to Chuck E. Cheese with my niece and her other aunt, Nischka. Check out her nails.