Lots of discussion has been had about what footwear to bring to Bonnaroo, because of the amount of mud and walking present at the concert.

People have reported lots of injured or sore feet issues, and as a result, the recommended footwear has been Crocs. Even the folks who recommend Crocs agree that they are gross, and that they are ONLY worn during Bonnaroo. Gross but effective. I searched for another alternative.

What I found were these Pumas at the Puma Outlet. Totally lightweight (like Crocs) and they look and feel like they’re made of the same (Croslite) material as Crocs too.

There are plenty of breathable portholes all over.

And they seem to have a shock absorbing sole, like Crocs.

They still make me feel like I’m wearing nurse’s shoes, like Crocs. But still cooler than Crocs.

Maybe we can even adorn them with Croc Charms, no?

What are you going to wear to Bonnaroo? Still searching for a more sandal-like alternative,