Wednesday night, my friends and I ventured out to the Goodie Mob Reunion Concert at the 9:30 Club in NW DC. I’d never been there before, but the seasoned veterans, Nicole and Ryan, showed us the ropes (basically that you get to a 7 pm show at 9:30 for the REAL fun) and we all met up at Busboys and Poets for dinner, about four blocks away from the 9:30 Club.

Busboys and Poets looks like the type of place that poets literally go to write poetry all day long. There are tables of people on their laptops and large groups discussing what I only imagined were topics like literature and cultural events.
Because this place had a bar and a bunch of young people who seemed to be doing more writing (or Facebooking) than eating, I thought the food would be so-so. Boy was I wrong. I ordered a Hawaiian Pizza (minus the Canadian Bacon) and was happy.
But I was even happier with Mike’s dish, a chicken panini with caramelized onions and cheese. And sweet potato fries.
Lynda got crabcakes, which she said were good.
Ryan got his “usual”, the salmon, so it must be good!

And Nicole got a pear salad. It ALL looked great!

We were full, and it was after 9, so we were off to the club down the street. I wish I could have taken a picture of the cat-sized rat that we saw on the way there, but I wasn’t quick enough at the draw.

Anyway, we made it to 9:30 and I got my hand stamped. Does that say 8:15 though?

Although my friend had photos of some awesome 9:30 Club cupcakes from some miscellaneous secret cupcake corner of the club, I discovered that they sell food there too!

B.O.B T-shirts. B.O.B. AKA Bobby Ray (I think that’s his whole name) was set to perform just before Goodie Mob.

A girl was singing on stage when we went inside. I don’t remember her name though. Nona Skye, Nina Angel, darnit.
Despite her singing, the crowd was growing. You could tell showtime would soon be upon us.
In the meantime, my competitive friends and I fulfilled our photo challenges. We were to take photos of the Biggest Bamma, the Most-Out-of-Place Person, the Drunkest Person and a Wild Card. Here are mine:
Candidate for Biggest Bamma
Candidate for Most-Out-of-Place Person
Candidate for Drunkest Person: Mike
I cheated. I don’t think he was actually drunk. Not at that point anyway.
Candidate for Wild Card: Funniest T-Shirt, also Mike
And then…B.O.B. entered the stage. I still have no idea who this guy is, but I guess I could shut up and listen.
He can rap, great. And he’s pretty clever, not just garbling about foolishness.
He can sing too?
And he can play the guitar? I’m starting to like this B.O.B guy!
By the end of his performance, I was a fan. He’s going to be at Bonnaroo this year in June, and now, I’m totally looking forward to seeing his show!
The ladies loved his performance too! Heck, EVERYONE did!
After an intermission, it was time for Goodie Mob to appear. Check out their DJ.
And then there were four.
They played all of the hits that we remembered, and a bunch that we didn’t. Soul Food, Cell Therapy, Beautiful Skin, Get Rich to This, etc. Cee-Lo even did a little bit of “Crazy” before performing “Freak” in his fabulously sequined jacket.
Then, the song we were all waiting for. They Don’t Dance No Mo’. It was great.

I can’t wait to see more live shows there. I hope to see you at the next concert!