Sunday, my nephew Christian and my niece Ariana had a party at the Watkins Park Nature Center, since their birthdays are so close together, February 23rd and 26th. And what a fun party it was!

I set up my background stand and paper roll so that everyone could write their birthday wishes to the lucky siblings.

Ja’el is concentrating on…something.
Ashte and Islam
Time for the Animal Show!
The first thing she brought out was one of those hugeified Madagascar hissing cockroaches. And she gave everyone the opportunity to touch it! Although, not everyone did.
Then a toad, but we weren’t allowed to touch it because all of the germs on our hands could make it sick, and not the other way around, to the shock of the children!
You should have SEEN the faces of the kids when she brought out this snake! They were instantly frightened…yet intrigued.
Then all of the kids had to vigorously wash their hands…time to eat!

And time for pictures! Saraia was so ready for her photo op.

In the meantime, the kids went bonkers for balloons.
My little starshine Christian has tremendous hops!
My favorite time…cake time!

Happy birthday biscuits!