The recent snow we’ve gotten has made me feel extremely lazy and lethargic. It’s hard to get out and go anywhere, and during the blizzard(s), all you want to do is stay in the house and eat because it’s too dangerous outside.

That’s why, for Valentine’s Day, I bought myself something that I’ve been wanting, no, needing, for years.

A treadmill.

That’s right, a treadmill. I didn’t want to pay a lot for this bumper so I went straight to craiglist for my search. I found quite a few under $500, and then some under $400. I searched product reviews and began to rule out the most common brand I saw for sale, ProForm, because I read over and over again about them using low quality parts to construct their treadmills. I saw a couple of Horizons and even a few Reebok treadmills, but I settled on NordicTrack, which seemed to get great reviews across the board.

I found a great NordicTrack EXP 2000i on craigslist, being sold by a nice lady named Sherry. Her doctor told her that a treadmill would be bad for her knees, and that she needs a stationary bike instead.

So an hour and $250 later, check me out!

It folds up! And it even has all kinds of controls that I will try to program one day.
Sure I have nowhere to put it, but I’m so happy. I can’t wait to go home tonight and watch 24 on my treadmill!
Walking this way,