I can really say that since the first blizzard, I’ve left the house just about every day (except Saturday), and I felt like I was untouchable by the weather. But today, my spirit of activity was beaten. Instead of working at my computer (yes, real work), I had to wait for intermittent internet access to arrive and try my best not to eat myself to death.

I looked outside this morning to see how much snow had fallen. Oh. my. God.

Then, I attempted to open the front door and the wind howled right at that moment, scaring me.

Then I got on the computer. Facebook was my friend. I wonder if I can send it a friend request.

Then I ate a pbj sandwich and some dessert, and watched TV.
Then I used the bathroom.
Then I watched more TV. I got rid of a ton of stuff on the DVR.
Then I used the computer again. Internet service was spotty again, so I tried to sharpen something in Photoshop. I can’t get it right. It keeps telling me something isn’t selected, even when I selected an area to sharpen. I don’t get it.
Then I watched more TV.
Then I got hungry again, and checked the fridge. There was plenty in there, but the dessert made me feel guilty for eating it, so I didn’t get anything new to eat.
I used the computer again. My email was full of cancellations. Meeting after meeting, church services, etc. Of course. So I went back to watching tv. I must have fallen asleep.
Then I woke up because Mike called me, he’d gotten off work and needed me to pick him up. I was sleepy and lethargic but I got dressed anyway, and attempted to go outside.
I can’t even get the screen door open. Seriously, I had to push HARD to get it open that far.
There used to be a walkway right beyond that bush next to my front door. Where did it go? I am trapped. Sad and trapped and bored. At least I have power.
This post was really for Mike, to see what I did today. See babe, nothing. And you always say I do too much. Aren’t you proud?

If they haven’t shoveled by morning, it’s mani/pedi time.
See you when I dig out, we should have a post-blizzard party,