It snowed about 6 inches in the DC area on Saturday, but Mike and I refused to be snowed in. Instead, we headed downtown for lunch and to find something cool to do. But first, we bundled up!

Who’s the terrorist?

We went to Clyde’s at Gallery Place. There’s Mike, looking all smug.

And I got hot chocolate!

And lasagna.

And Mike got a bacon cheeseburger, with all the yummy fixins.

Unbeknownst to us, the Verizon Center was hosting the Georgetown vs. Duke game. Whoops! But Georgetown won! And when the game let out, it seemed like everybody who went to the game wanted to go to Rocket Bar, across the street.

Oh well–we got dessert, a hot fudge brownie sundae, and took our time to leave so the crowds could die down. Yum-O.

Then we walked up the street to the DC Convention Center for the 2010 Auto Show.

I like big trucks, and I cannot lie.

Ford turned this car on its side so that…they could show us something cool. Not that we couldn’t have seen it anyway, but hey, when’s the last time you’ve seen a car displayed intentionally on it’s side?

There were all kinds of green vehicles there too.

And then some not so green.

There was this cool concept car called the Cadillac Converj.

And my favorite, old school muscle!

This Audi, with a V12 engine, was probably my favorite car there. Just check out those headlights!

We made it home safely, just in time to watch movies, since we’ve seen just about everything in the theater. (feel free to skip Edge of Darkness, lol). I’m just glad to say that we weren’t slaves to the weather. What did YOU do on Saturday? Whatever it was, I hope you had as much fun as we did,