After watching the documentary, Food, Inc., I’ve been wanting to make an effort to shop at organic food stores, but I’d always heard that to shop organically, you have to pay a lot more. Not to mention that the closest organic food stores are at least 30 miles from my house. Would you drive 30 miles for milk and cereal? AND pay more for it?

Well, turns out, I don’t have to do either. My friend Declan told me there’s a Trader Joe’s grocery store as close as Old Town, Alexandria, and since I work about three miles from there, I decided to give it a try.
Guess what? I LOVE Trader Joe’s! Wait, let me not go that far–I’m in like with Trader Joe’s. Although the store is ridiculously small, parking was easy (yep, even in Old Town), the prices were great and I left the store guilt-free. It was wonderful! And to prove it, I documented some of the items I found, including the prices…
I didn’t buy any of these tampons, I was just surprised to find them.

That’s right, almond butter and sunflower seed butter. I didn’t get any though, lol.

A half gallon of Vitamin D milk was $1.89, which is what I normally paid. The prices were the same or better than I’d find in the regular grocery store, filled with super processed foods. I wish I’d been shopping here all along! I haven’t tasted everything I got yet, but so far, the milk, salad, fruit, etc. has been just as tasty as I expected. I can’t wait to try the rest!
Surprised that shopping organically is easier than I thought,