Sunday, Mike and I went to a flea market. I’m familiar with the one in Patapsco, MD, near Baltimore off Liberty Rd., but he said there was one just up Rt. 1 past Laurel. Really? He assured me there was, and we were on our way. Up Rt. 1. WAY up Rt. 1, until you reach Jessup. And there it was. We walked in and I saw lots of familiar flea market sights, but some, unfamiliar.

Everything was in Spanish. Everything. Todo en Espanol. For good reason though–I think everyone there spoke Spanish except for Mike and I, and a few Asian vendors.

We found baby clothes…also in Spanish

Toy vendors…

I actually contemplated getting this toy remote controlled car for Christian’s birthday, the wheels light up!

Below is a photo of “Super Special Heroes”, slightly deformed versions of Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and a small-headed Father from The Invincibles. You look at them and think, “Something’s not right here…”

There were knockoff purses and backpacks…
This vendor seemed to just sell THINGS, gloves, wires, keychains, extension cords, socks, plastic bags, deodorant…
Used tools…(some were a couple hundred bucks!)
Our favorite section was the “army surplus” vendor who had fatigues, belts, boots, holsters…

and a hat for me!

I took this picture and then I heard from somewhere, “no pictures, no pictures!” You mean, I can’t take any pictures of this merchandise that you have no license to sell?

That’s right, all the spandex you could ever hope for.
Car speakers that light up!

But by far, the most frequently sold item at the flea market, in a space roughly 5,000 square feet, was cowboy boots. Leather, ostrich, alligator, in all colors and sizes. A dozen vendors’ areas looked just like this…

Some of the children’s boots were over $150! I thought this was the flea market?
Just because you shop here, doesn’t mean you can’t walk in style.

Walking out almost empty handed,